Seattle Duo Stopped By U.S. Border Patrol for Smuggling Illegal Candy

They contained a dangerous "non-nutritive object."

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Brandon Loo and Christopher Sweeney, both of Seattle, were returning from Vancouver when U.S. Border Patrol detained them for hours after discovering illegal material in their vehicle. Was it drugs? Guns? Nope—it was something much was candy. Loo and Sweeney were carrying Kinder Eggs, which have toys at the center of their chocolate splendor. Kinder Eggs are banned in the U.S. because they contain a "a non-nutritive object." Hey, U.S. government—what candy doesn't?

Anyway, because they had six eggs and there's a $2,500 fine for each extremely dangerous piece of candy, they're facing a grand total of $15,000. After over two hours of explaining the sheer ridiculousness of their "case," they were finally released. According to Sweeney, while that went down, numerous other cars crossed the border without being checked. We can't help but wonder what other illegal contraband crept over the line in the meantime.

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