NYPD Officers Serve Brooklyn Teens with Jaywalking Tickets After They're Hit by Car

Their parents have hired an attorney to sue the driver and battle the tickets.

Two teens were reportedly issues tickets for jaywalking (in the hospital, mind you) after being struck by a vehicle in Brooklyn earlier this month. 

According to the New York PostJo-Anna Thiboutot and Beanca Moise, both 16, sustained several fractures and deep bruising after being hit by the car in Sheepshead Bay on March 14. Their parents say they received the tickets while they were being recovering from their injuries at the Kings County Hospital: 

She was in a hospital bed, Beanca’s father, taxi driver Reginald Moise, 41, recalled of the moment he was handed the ticket by a 63rd Precinct officer. There were doctors all over her, giving her IVs and this and that.

I was very upset, he remembered. I told him it was stupid and I didn’t understand. He told me, That’s Mayor de Blasio’s no-tolerance policy.

The Post reports that the officer is referring to New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio's Vision Zero initiative, which targets reckless pedestrians and drivers. Beanca Moise was troubled that police came to the hospital to serve them with summonses as opposed to check on their well being. 

"I got hit by a car, and they came to the hospital not even checking if I was OK, and just gave us the ticket," she told the Post

The Post notes that their parents have hired an attorney, Michael Goldberg, to fight the tickets and sue the driver who hit them. 

[via New York Post]

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