New Jersey Votes to Ban Bestiality, Finally

Give the intern who came up with this idea a job.

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Bestiality was not illegal in the state of New Jersey—until now. 

Yesterday, the Assembly Judiciary Committee voted unanimously in favor of a bill banning sexual activity with animals. What's more, it was suggested by an intern. "I wish I could take credit for the bill but I cannot," Assemblyman Jack Ciattarelli of Somerset told the Star-Ledger

New Jersey had been one of 14 states that, as of March of this year, did not outlaw bestiality. There were laws against animal cruelty, but there was no outright ban on bestiality. Furthermore, there was a rather high-profile case that involved animal cruelty charges being dropped against a Moorestown, N.J. resident who was accused of molesting cows. 

Under the new provision—which still has to pass through the Assembly, the Senate and get the stamp from Gov. Chris Christie—bestiality would become a fourth-degree crime; if the animal is fatally injured, it would be bumped up a third-degree offense. It would be punishable by a maximum of 18 months in prison, as well as a $10,000 fine. 

And to think, all it took was for an intern to cry foul.

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