Michigan Man Kills Ex-Girlfriend's Mom, New Boyfriend and Finally Himself


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This is beyond disturbing.

A man went to his 17-year-old ex-girlfriend's suburban Detroit, killed her mother and her current boyfriend with axe blows to the head before injuring the girl and finally taking his own life with a single gunshot wound to the head

Livonia police were in a disarray at the double murder-suicide, that left 46-year-old Angela Staperfene, 19-year-old Jacob L. Burns (fifth image) and killer 19-year-old Brian D. White (third image) dead. White and Desiree Staperfene (fourth image), who was treated and released from the hospital, had broken up recently. His controlling nature was apparently the reason for the split.

Click through for the pics of his Facebook wall, which cluttered with quotes from American Psycho.

Awful, just God awful.

[via NY Post]

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