Sleeping While Your Mugshot Is Being Taken Has to Be Embarrassing After the Fact

Accidental legend.

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A man found sleeping inside of his vehicle outside of a Walmart in Texas last week kept right on sleeping—right through his mugshot. 

The Huffington Post reports that police in Montgomery County, Texas found 20-year-old Christopher Shirley knocked out inside of his car in Porter, Texas last Thursday. Responding police officers, who failed at waking Shirley up, say he backed his vehicle into another inside of the parking lot. 

When Shirley finally came to, he behaved as someone who had just risen from a substance-induced slumber would: 

Deputies said Shirley was squinting, his speech was slurred and he had difficulty walking. Shirley failed a field sobriety test, deputies said.

According to deputies, Shirley admitted he was already impaired when he drove to the Walmart.

Shirley was arrested, but the fun didn't end there. While his mugshot was being taken, he went right back to sleep. He was charged with DWI, and his nap time mugshot shall live on forever. 

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