Baltimore Police Department Completes Investigation into Freddie Gray's Death

These initial findings have been turned over to a prosecutor.

Image via WBAL

The Baltimore Police Department has concluded their investigation into the death of Freddie Gray and turned their findings over to a prosecutor, officials say. 

According to the New York Times, Baltimore police made the revelation during a press conference this morning. All evidence has now been passed along to a prosecutor, who will determine whether or not charges will be filed. The Times reports that Police Commissioner Anthony Batts was very direct: 

I understand the frustration, I understand the sense of urgency, the commissioner said. Getting to the right answer is more important than the speed.

Mr. Batts said: This does not mean that the investigation is over. If new evidence is found, we will follow it. If new direction is given by the state’s attorney, we will obey it.

Police commanders said more than 30 detectives, operating on an unusually swift timetable, had been working on the investigation. That included reviewing every available video that might show anything about what happened to Mr. Gray the day he was arrested, from closed-circuit security camera images to cellphone video, Mr. Davis said. He died of his injuries a week later.

The Associated Press adds that, during the investigation, police discovered a new stop that the van transporting Gray had made following his arrest on April 12: 

Deputy Commissioner Kevin Davis said the stop was previously unknown to investigators. It was one of four stops the wagon made after Gray was put inside.

Before Gray was put in the van, he asked officers for an inhaler, but didn't get one. At the first stop, Gray was put in leg cuffs because police said he had become irate. The second stop — which was only revealed Thursday — was discovered by a privately owned camera.

Police did not say whether anything happened during the stop or why it was made. Online maps show the street corner appears to be deserted with three vacant lots and a store nearby.

The van stopped a third time, and the driver asked for an additional unit to check on Gray. At a fourth stop, the wagon picks up an additional prisoner.

In addition to an investigation by the State's Attorney's office, the Department of Justice will also probe the events surrounding Gray's death.

[via New York Times and Associated Press]

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