5 Pointz Site Covered with "Gentrification in Progress" Banner

Artists continue to fight the graffiti mecca's demolition.

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Four months after the iconic Long Island City graffiti destination 5 Pointzwas painted white, supporters continue to show their appreciation for its legacy, as well as their lack of appreciation for its future as yet another luxury apartment complex. Two artists reportedly draped a banner reading "Gentrification in Progress" over the building this past weekend. 

According to the Queens Courier, the banner—which appeared Saturday night—is the work of BAMN and gilf! Street art blogger Jowy Romano told Gothamist that the banner is the result of mounting frustrations among the artist community:


The effort may be in vain, but it illustrates how willing artists are to voice their displeasure with what's happened to 5 Pointz, as well as gentrification in general.

[via Queens Courier and Gothamist]

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