One World Trade Center Opened This Morning

This marks a new era for New York City.

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This morning, 1 World Trade Center officially opened in Lower Manhattan as employees of its initial tenant—Condé Nast—trickled in for their first day of work. The building's opening comes over 13 years after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks destroyed the twin towers.

The New York Times analyzed the new chapter, which began this morning: 

At 1,776 feet, the building, 1 World Trade Center, is steps from where the old north tower stood until Sept. 11, 2001. But where that sunny morning held a still-summery promise until the first jetliner lacerated the building and smoke filled the shimmering blue sky, Monday was chilly as employees of the magazine publisher Condé Nast arrived.

As the Times notes, the opening had a much deeper meaning to the city than simply the reopening of a building: 

Even if Monday morning was meant to be about something as mundane as office space, the beginning of the first workday at 1 World Trade Center was a powerful moment because, once again, there was an office building on that 16-acre lot in Lower Manhattan where the twin towers once stood.

Construction on 1 World Trade Center began in 2006.

[via New York Times]

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