Blac Chyna Plans to Sue Whoever Leaked That Oral Sex Video

Blac Chyna’s attorney Walter Mosley says “it’s a criminal matter.”

A sex tape of Blac Chyna and allegedly her ex Mechie is circulating around the internet, and not at her discretion. According to TMZ, the 29-year-old media personality wants the police to find whomever is responsible for its release. Walter Mosley, Blac Chyna’s attorney, says “it’s a criminal matter" but did not offer further comment.

In the 1 minute 23 second-long video, Chyna can bee seen performing oral sex on a man whose face is never revealed—his voice, is prominently featured, however. Chyna's face, on the other hand, is very discernible. The video was uploaded to Twitter by an anonymous account early Monday morning. Reportedly, the clip appears to have been shot by the man in the video. Twitter has suspended accounts circulating the clip.

It’s worth noting that this isn’t Chyna’s first run-in with salacious online leaks. Last year, she claimed ex Rob Kardashian vengefully posted nude photos of her. She threatened to sue Kardashian, even though she herself “liked” the photos on Instagram. Rob, by the way, is definitely not the guy in the sex tape.

If Instagram is to be believed, Mechie is the man in the video. However, Mechie contends that he had nothing to do with its release, writing “I can’t believe anybody would stoop this low."


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