Chance the Rapper Calls Rotten Tomatoes' Rating System a 'Travesty'


Chance the Rapper onstage.

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Chance the Rapper onstage.

Chance the Rapper is not a man to just sit back while injustices of any kind happen right in front of his face. His latest campaign has an unlikely target, though: movie review website Rotten Tomatoes. Chance put the popular aggregator on blast Friday via Twitter after he watched The House, a 2017 comedy starring Will Ferrell and Amy Poehler about two parents who start an illegal casino in their basement. The film has a 17 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes, but Chance found it “funny as fuck," which is the only endorsement anyone should need.

Yesterday I watched a movie that I never heard of. It had a 17% on @RottenTomatoes ... it was funny as fuck. Wtf @RottenTomatoes
You knew what movie it was. That's why you didn't respond @RottenTomatoes... that's why you didn't respond.
17% ? Seventeen fucking percent??? I hope will and amy and nick never see the travesty that is these "critics" reception of this masterpiece

Chance, now comfortable in his new, vital role as critic of film critics, spent a good part of his afternoon staunchly defending The House by retweeting people in his mentions who agreed with him. He also took the opportunity to reveal yet another great injustice—this time, about the 2007 movie Hot Rod

They have HOTROD at 40% when it's clearly a 99 so don't trust anything

In fact, Chance was so offended by what he found on Rotten Tomatoes that he made some sweeping statements about the entirety of film criticism. Go off, man!

If the film critics of today can't find why The House is a comedic delicacy then I don't wanna hear anymore reviews

Now completely involved in the unjust and cutthroat world of Rotten Tomatoes, Chance decided to turn things up a notch and try his hand at a quick review of another movie, Bulworth. By showcasing how this clearly very bad movie got a much better Rotten Tomatoes score, Chance set the final nail in the coffin of the review aggregator’s credibility.

Nah but y'all gave this shitty racist unfunny fucked up ego trip of a movie a SEVENTY FIVE?!?! Ittfn

Chance, welcome to the bizarre world of film criticism. I wish you would’ve stayed longer. Chance finished up his brutal takedown of Rotten Tomatoes with a tweet that confirmed it was all in good fun but also cemented his genuine devotion to The House.

Please accept these too hard facts
1. Most of what I just tweeted was in jest
2. If you don't like The House, you are poop

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