The 50 Hottest Celebrities Who've Posed For Playboy

When hot celebrities pose nude for Playboy, the world stops to get a copy of the magazine.

Over the years a lot of hot, nude women have graced the pages of Playboy. And as much as warm-blooded folks all like getting a peek at the Playmate—dreamed up by Hugh Hefner to be the girl next door, stripped bare for your convenience—nothing has the gawk factor of celebrity skin. Movie icons, TV stars, athletes, supermodels—fans know them with their clothes on, and a lot of those fans want to see them with their clothes off.

Playboy launched in December 1953 with a celebrity on the cover and in the pages—Marilyn Monroe (who didn't actually pose for the mag)—but the magazine really didn't trade in famous nudity for its first couple of decades. The girls in Playboy usually had names like Phyllis and Melba, and though they were supreme beauties, they weren't famous outside of the brand.

Around the turn of the '80s, that changed. Playboy got hip to the value of naked famous ladies. Pictorials by Bo Derek, Barbara Carrera, and Kim Basinger were some of the earliest examples of celebrities who decided to "do Playboy," a phrase that is now a ubiquitous suggestion for every starlet with a movie or two under her belt. By the late '90s, Playboy was full-on addicted to celebrities. And in the absence of celebrities, the mag would run celebrity relatives, former celebrities, girls who looked like celebrities, girls who'd slept with celebrities and, of course, Playboy models who had themselves achieved some level of celebrity.

Say what you will about showing the goods, it's still considered an honor to be asked to be in Playboy, and the famous women who've done it have made their fans happy and converted new ones. When the Bunny calls, it takes a certain kind of woman to heed that call—here are the 50 hottest celebrities who did.

50. Amanda Beard

49. Shannen Doherty

48. Lindsay Lohan

47. Drew Barrymore

46. Vanity

45. Lizzy Jagger

44. Farrah Fawcett

43. Diora Baird

42. Tricia Helfer

41. Madonna

40. Kiana Tom

39. Daryl Hannah

38. Winter Zoli

37. Charisma Carpenter

36. Leeann Tweeden

35. Aubrey O'Day

34. Olivia Munn

33. Kristy Swanson

32. Nicole "Coco" Austin

31. Sherilyn Fenn

30. Barbara Carrera

29. Traci Bingham

28. Eva Herzigova

27. Sharon Stone

26. Garcelle Beauvais

25. Denise Richards

24. Arianny Celeste

23. Joanna Krupa

22. Rachel Hunter

21. Stephanie Seymour

20. Naomi Campbell

19. Carmen Electra

18. Robin Givens

17. Dita Von Teese

16. Kelly Brook

15. Brooke Burke

14. Katarina Witt

13. Jenny McCarthy

12. Vida Guerra

11. Kim Kardashian

10. Stacey Dash

9. Ursula Andress

8. Pamela Anderson

7. Tia Carrere

6. Raquel Welch

5. Jayne Mansfield

4. Kim Basinger

3. Elle Macpherson

2. Bo Derek

1. Cindy Crawford

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