People Will Struggle to Forget the Nightmare-Inducing Sight of Will Smith as Genie From 'Aladdin' Trailer

We finally got our first look at Will Smith as Genie in the upcoming 'Aladdin' film, and now, we would like to forget what we just saw.

This is a picture of Genie.

Image via YouTube

This is a picture of Genie.

It was nearly 9 p.m. ET when it happened. The latest trailer for Aladdin started playing during a commercial break for the Grammys. There were scenes featuring Aladdin, Princess Jasmine, and Jafar. Fans were curious—will we finally get to see Will Smith as the Genie in the blue form that we grew to love from the 1992 animated film?

As blue smoke started to make its way out of the lamp, the anticipation grew. This is it! This is the moment! And then, this is what we saw. 

How’s everyone feeling about Will Smith’s Genie in ‘Aladdin’ 🧞‍♂️

👍 or 👎

— Fandom (@getFANDOM) February 11, 2019

Yes, the Genie looked wildly brolic.

genie Will Smith got a whole ass Equinox in that lamp.

— maurice (@tallmaurice) February 11, 2019

As a whole, Will Smith as the Genie was frightening. It was odd. It was nightmare-inducing, and many people seemed to agree with the latter. 

Ok I'll say it; Will Smith as a live action Genie in that new Aladdin trailer is an actual fucking nightmare vision. As far as i'm concerned that thing is a horror movie now.

— Joe O'Malley (@joemalley) February 11, 2019

I used to be really afraid of the dog from “Son of the Mask” One of the few nightmares I remember distinctly was that character chasing me down the street and then sinking it’s teeth into me
I haven’t been afraid of a character since
Until today
Will Smith Genie is terrifying

— Jæson (@aKeaneMachine) February 11, 2019

This past week we got a trailer for #ChildsPlayMovie and #PetSematary, yet Will Smith as the genie in #Aladdin is the one that that'll give me nightmares.

— Count Orlok 🎃 (@DeaditeDerek) February 11, 2019

This is how many nightmares Will Smith’s genie from the new #Aladdin will give me

— Director Yeti (@The_JeremyPerez) February 11, 2019

Will Smith’s genie is about to give nightmares to a whole new generation of children

— Juan Escalante (@JuanSaaa) February 11, 2019

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