'Snowfall' Star Damson Idris Reacts to Denzel Washington Not Knowing Who He Is

Denzel Washington was asked on the red carpet about Damson Idris, and the acclaimed actor admits to being clueless as to who "Dancin' Address" is.

Damson Idris photographed at an event.

Damson Idris attends the Cartier Queen's Cup Polo 2021.

Damson Idris photographed at an event.

Damson Idris may be a rising star, but he hasn’t entered Denzel Washington’s stratosphere. 

Washington was recently on the red carpet for his film, A Journal for Jordan, which he directed, when he was asked about Idris, who is said to have auditioned to play his son in 2016’s Fences. It’s pretty clear early on that Denzel doesn’t know who the interviewer is talking about. 

Even after being told that Idris stars in the hit FX series Snowfall, Washington was still clueless, admitting, “I don’t know who that is.” In desperate search of a lifeline, the Oscar-winning actor asked the guy closest to him if he was aware of this person she mentioned, but in doing so, he appeared to refer to the mystery actor as “Dancin.”  

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Washington issued an apology to “Dancin,” but Idris has taken the entire situation in stride, delivering a public decree, stating he only wants to be called “Dancin Address” from here on out. The actor formerly known as Damson even changed the name on his account.  

If you haven’t seen Dancin’s spot-on impression of Denzel, check it out below. 

Outside of his leading role in Snowfall, Idris has made appearances in TV shows, like Black Mirror and The Twilight Zone reboot. 

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