Warby Parker Founder Sets Sights on Shaving

The next hipster frontier.

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Now that Jeff Raider has found success with Warby Parker, the e-seller of cheap sunglasses and shades, he's moving on to his next web-based venture, which is all about shaving. 

Raider has teamed up with a former Bain consultant and NBA marketer named Andy Katz-Mayfield to launch Harry's, which will hawk "all manner of shaving supplies, such as shave cream, razor handles, blades, and shaving kits," reports AdAge

The subscription space is already heating up with the likes of Get Fresh Kit and Dollar Shave Club, but Raider believes he could disrupt the market now that he's enlisted the help of Droga5, an ad agency that works with the likes of Spotify and Coca-Cola. 

As AdAge points out, Raider is "baking marketing into the program" faster than he did with Warby Parker, which took a few years to pick up and even advertise on TV, so Harry's might take off sooner than we expect. 

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