Jon Stewart Lampoons Apple and U.S. Senators (Video)

The tech giant can do no wrong.

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Jon Stewart pulled no punches for anyone on last night's Daily Show. He skewered Apple for last year's Maps snafu and CEO Tim Cook for taking advantage of the country's complex tax loopholes. 

“Those offshore loopholes didn’t get carved out by poor people,” he said. “Our tax code is purposefully complex, so that corporations with resources are the only ones who can find the very goodies that their own lobbyists have hidden in the labyrinth.”

Stewart also didn't hold back on U.S. Senators who are Apple fanboys. 

“Apparently there is nothing Apple can do to get us mad at them,” he quipped. “We could find out they’re using kitten hearts to power iPhones and we’d be like, ‘Well, if it doubles battery life, I’ll take two!’”

Watch the hilarious video below: 

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
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