Study: Brands Aren't That Responsive on Social Media

Good luck getting them to hear you, says Socialbackers' report.

Image via Twitter

With all the social media campaigns brands have going these days, you'd think they'd be eager to help customers out. But Socialbackers' quarterly report finds the exact opposite is true. 

Just as brands ignore 70 percent of fans' questions on Facebook, they're ignoring just as many on Twitter. 

Telecom companies are the most responsive industry, taking 60 percent of customers' questions. Next comes airlines (55 percent), followed by finance (46 percent) and retailers (44 percent). Oddly enough, social media companies have the lowest response rate, amounting to a mere 5 percent on Facebook. 

The most negligent brands include McDonald's, with a zero percent response rate to fans, and Victoria's Secret, whose response rate was .88 percent. 

[via Digiday]

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