"Home Alone" Will Return to Theaters for the Film's 25th Anniversary

Now that's what you call a throwback.

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Moviegoers are in for a treat (and a time warp) this November when Home Alone returns to theaters to celebrate its 25th anniversary. The cult classic came out on November 6, 1990 and will be shown on November 8th and 11th with a special introduction, the New York Daily News reports. A new box set with all five Home Alone movies will also be released to mark the occasion. 

The holiday film starred Macaulay Culkin as eight-year-old Kevin McAllister who managed to skimp out on his family’s Christmas vacation and instead stayed home. Home Alone was the highest grossing comedy of 1990 and made $447 million in theaters. It also received two Academy Award nominations and was followed by four sequels. 


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