How Jerry Purpdrank Vined His Way Into the Rap Game

Find out how Jerry Purpdrank hopes to turn his social media presence into a full-time rap career.

On the East Coast, things were not panning out for actor and producer Jerry Purpdrank. “Everything in life was not going good, school...I was failing... my job sucked, so I decided I might as well [try to] do something [that] I loved.” Tired of what seemed like endless dead ends in Boston, Jerry took a risk and made the trek to L.A. — a trip commemorated on the back of his glittering denim jacket — to make opportunities for himself and to meet people.

Talk to Jerry for two minutes and you’ll be charmed for life. And while thousands of equally as charming people flock to L.A. every year to “make it” in some form or another, Purpdrank managed to outshine the pack by working hard, working smart, and committing his life to the public sphere.

Starting out on Vine in 2013, Jerry’s social media presence evolved and flourished. He now entertains over 3.2 million Instagram followers who track his every move, and more recently, he’s poised to make his mark on music. Since its release on Apr 28, 2016, the video for his song “No L’s” has racked up over four million views on YouTube. But while his success continues, Purpdrank knows that he has to keep striving and sweating in order to make a big splash. He tells Complex, “You have to dive in, because if you don’t grind for the work, then you might as well just go home.” 

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