Watch This Hoverboard Rider Casually Shoplift a Crate of Lucozade From a Shop

Clearly when no f***s were given for this young hoverboard shoplifter

"He entered the store at 21:43 hours and took a crate of Lucozade from the drinks aisle, making off without making payment."

Clearly, no f*cks were given for this young gentleman, who strolled into a store in Mitcham and proceeded to leave with a crate of Lucozade without paying.

We say 'strolled' but it's more like 'rolled in on a Swegway'. Whilst we don't condone such acts, it's hard not to admire the outright nonchalant manner in which he did the crime. He's so casual about it that it makes you wonder if this is some kind of routine procedure for him.

Of course, the authorities didn't find it funny and the London MetropolitanPolice are now searching for him. In statement from the Met:

All this trouble for a handful of Lucozade? So not worth it, mate. That being said, you have to find it at least a little bit funny.

Update (December 14): The hoverboard bandit has been caught (it was really only a matter of time since police released the CCTV footage and it went viral). Omaree Lindsay, 19, from Croydon, has been charged with not only the theft of all that Lucozade, but he could also make legal history as the first person to be convicted for riding a Swegway on UK pavements. 

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