Indie Game 'We Are Chicago' Offers a Gritty Experience About Growing up in a Tough Neighbourhood

We Are Chicago is video game with poigant social message

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Violence in video games is nothing new, however it’s depiction has always been used as a tool to progress further in the game. However video game developers rarely ever deal with the effects of violence within the community, that’s why indie game We Are Chicago is a breathe of fresh air to the industry.

Developed by Culture Shock Games, this indie project tells the story about the pressures faced by a young African-American growing up in the South Side of Chicago, all which can be previewed in the trailer above.

The gameplay mixes a blend off first-person action and Telltale Game's interactive narrative style. In We Are Chicago the player takes on the role of Aaron as he and those around him cope with the harsh realities growing up in Chi-town’s South Side.

In a press release from Culture Shock Games the aim is to:

"… to use the game’s voice and a portion of the proceeds from the game to help raise awareness and support non-profit groups who have a mission to help curb violence and provide positive and creative opportunities to people living on Chicago’s south and west side.
Above all, we hope that We Are Chicago will create a deeper understanding, motivate and inspire change, and cultivate a larger conversation surrounding the issues of violence and income disparity."

We Are Chicago will be out next year on Steam for PC, Mac and Linux. For more information on the game click here.

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