This GTA V ‘Powerpuff Girls’ Remake Proves That Anything Is Possible

These GTA V mod videos keep keeing crazier and crazier

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Ever since Grand Theft Auto V got ported over to the PC it has created a mountain of balls-to-the-walls-piss-your-pants funny videos. The creativity behind some these mad geniuses is next-level incredible, we’ve had GTA V themed videos based around; Star Wars, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, The Teletubbies (we s*** you not that one’s real), Breaking Bad and the Golden Girls (better Google that one younglings).

But the latest one is about as crazy as you can get (until another gets made that out does it). This time it comes in the form of this hilarious interpretation of the Cartoon Network’sThe Powerpuff Girls. The video was made by YouTube user Merfish, who modded the game to look like the original into of the show. Who would’ve thought taking; Micheal, Franklin and Trevor, and putting them in leotards as perennial Powerpuff Girls; Bubbles, Blossom and Buttercup would be so enthralling? Look, they even got Lester to be Professor Utonium, could this get any better?

Whilst it isn’t a like-for-like reenactment – for one GTA V’s protagonists are straight up killing fools here, the OG Powderpuff Girls usually had a no-killing policy – it's still funny-as-hell to watch.

We’re not sure that the good folks at Rockstar saw this coming when they we’re making GTA V.

[Via Uproxx]

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