Watch Every Pop Culture Reference From Quentin Tarantino Movies (Video)

Prepare to be impressed.

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One of the trademarks of any movie written by Quentin Tarantino is the dialogue. It moves about as fast as any human can physically speak, and it’s so dense that it usually takes a few viewings to truly absorb all of it. But the most impressive part is how he manages to always sprinkle in countless pop culture references throughout. From old TV shows and movies, to music and comic books, pretty much every Tarantino movie brings up items from the past that should catch the ear of any knowledgeable fan.

Now College Humor has compiled these Tarantino pop culture references into one mammoth supercut. Whether he was the director or just the writer, every movie of his is represented here, with the exception of his uncredited work on Crimson Tide. Aside from that, we can’t think of any Tarantino fan walking away from this video disappointed.

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