A "Lego Ninjago" Movie Might Be In Theaters Before A Proper "Lego Movie" Sequel

Warner Bros. is looking to build a cinematic Lego universe.

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Now that The Lego Movie has crossed the $200 million worldwide box office mark, a sequel is pretty much inevitable. However, The Hollywood Reporter has revealed that Warner Brothers might have larger plans in place than just a simple sequel. According to the site, the studio is looking to put a Lego Ninjago spinoff into production alongside a traditional follow-up to The Lego Movie.

The catch here is that the studio only has the rights to put one Lego sequel into production. But by agreeing to invest in a larger Lego universe with a Ninjago movie, the studio will only strengthen its relationship with producers Dan Lin and Roy Lee, which could lead to a contract extension.

It hasn’t been decided whether The Lego Movie 2 or Ninjago will be released first, but this spinoff might be a building block (get it?) for the studio’s future relationship with the company. When Ninjago heads into production, it will be directed by Charlie Bean, who worked as a director on the TRON: Uprising animated series.

According to THR, Ninjago is pretty much the same deal as The Lego Movie, except that it features ninjas, dragons and mystical snakes. Sounds good to us.

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