A Hannibal Lecter TV Series Is In The Works

Because there isn't enough cannibalism on network television.


Gaumont International Television, a French TV studio, is currently putting a one-hour drama based on Hannibal Lecter into development, according to Coming Soon. The show will apparently deal with the cannibalistic killer's early days and his conflict with FBI agent Will Graham.

The films Manhunter and Red Dragon already dealt with this relationship somewhat, but the show will focus solely on this twisted dynamic and attempt to add even more depth to it. Martha De Laurentiis, wife of the late, legendary producer Dino De Laurentiis, will serve as the show's producer. Both Dino and Martha served produced Hannibal Rising and Red Dragon, which will serve as inspiration for the series.

The main selling point will be the casting of Hannibal Lecter himself because of how much audiences still obsess over Anthony Hopkins' portrayal of the character from Silence Of The Lambs. No cast announcements have been made yet, but the showrunners should strive to hire a newcomer in the role who won’t be recognizable to audiences. Drop us a comment on who you think could, and should, portray Lecter.

[Via Coming Soon]

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