Exclusive Preview: "Batwoman #15"

The team-up between Batwoman and Wonder Woman continues.


She may be the most high-profile lesbian character in the DC Universe, but Batwoman has proven since her debut in 2006 that she is much more than a publicity stunt. With writers like Greg Rucka, W. Haden Blackman, and J.H. Williams III penning her adventures over the years, Kate Kane has moved out of the Dark Knight’s shadow and carved out her own identity that comic book fans have since latched onto. 

And in Batwoman #15, we see Kate continue her team-up with Wonder Woman as the duo attempts to take down Medusa. It’s a storyline that has blended Greek mythology with a gritty crime drama in impressive fashion. With this series, writers Williams and Blackman further prove that comic books aren’t just a boys club, and that women can kick some ass as well.

Now, courtesy of DC Entertainment, we have an exclusive preview of Batwoman #15 to share with you. So be sure to check out some of the terrific art by Trevor McCarthy below, and remember that the issue will hit stands next Wednesday.


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