Video: Check Out The Most Awkward Helicopter Ride Ever From "The Dictator"

Terrorism. Always good for a laugh.

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With The Dictator set to hit theaters tomorrow, Paramount Pictures has released a hilarious new clip from the pic that should change the minds of skeptical moviegoers. Featuring Sacha Baron Cohen and Jason Mantzoukas, this clip expands the controversial helicopter scene that was featured in the movie's trailers.

Like Borat, The Dictator sees Cohen as an awkward foreigner trying to blend into American society. Of course, in this one, Cohen plays a displaced dictator from the fictional African country of Wadiya, but the jokes are still done in the same style. Along with Cohen, Mantzoukas looks like he could easily steal the show as The Dictator's right hand man. Check out the clip for yourself and tell us whether or not you think this movie is a welcome addition to Cohen's recent string of hits.

The Dictator hits theaters on May 15.

[via Cinema Blend]

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