Selfie, Emoji, and Other Social Media-Inspired Words Added to Oxford English Dictionary. Srsly!

It's a brave new world, folks.

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The Oxford English Dictionary took a page out of rap bard/ business impresario Jay Z's book and introduced #NewWords to its massive tome. Most interestingly, of the 65 new words, a significant amount of them are tech-inspired (and "buzzworthy," according to Oxford). 

The additions may have only just entered the dictionary, but we’ve been watching them for a while now, tracking how and where they are used. Two of the words to make their debut in the dictionary, selfie and phablet both featured on our Words on the radar post back in June 2012. At the time, selfie featured primarily in social media contexts, but had attracted media attention after Hillary Clinton apparently used the word in a text message to the owner of a Tumblr dedicated to an image of her texting.

New words include: selfie, phablet, FOMO, bitcoin, emoji, LDR, MOOC, Internet of things, BYOD, and srsly, among others. 

Check out the full list here.

[via Huffington Post]

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