Florida Kid Called 911 Because He Couldn't Go Online With His PlayStation

Florida emergency services received a call from a boy who wanted to know what happened to PlayStation Network. We're doomed.

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Hackers from the group Lizard Squad attacked Sony's servers and knocked its PlayStation Network offline over Christmas break, which left millions of gamers by themselves, in their living rooms, with no one else to play with. And when people are disconnected from their online communities, loneliness tends to set in. 

So, "Do you know about the whole thing that's going on with the PlayStation Network?" would be a natural question to ask a friend, which could also start a conversation about how their Christmas is going. Then maybe you could hang out IRL. It's also a question you could type into Google's search bar if you wanted more information on the subject. But by no means is it something that you'd call up 911 to ask. Too bad a Florida kid didn't quite get the message before it was too late. 

The Palm Beach Sheriff's Office tweeted out a conversation between an anonymous kid and a 911 dispatcher (above) that happened during the PSN outage to remind people to dial 911 "only for emergencies." It's not like you needed the reminder, right?

The exchange ended with the 911 dispatcher telling the kid, "Last time I checked that wasn't an emergency. Try going outside or read a book."

Happy New Year, people.

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