Jimmy Kimmel Says the Dennis Quaid Freak out Video Was Nothing to Do With Him

Maybe it wasn't a hoax after all...


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When a video of Dennis Quaid going crazy on set went viral yesterday a lot of people thought they knew exactly where to point the finger - Jimmy Kimmel. Kimmel is well known for his viral hoaxes including one of a woman catching fire after supposedly trying to make a twerking video.

But on last night's show, Kimmel said it was nothing to do with him:


I watched it a bunch of times last night – and when I woke up this morning – I was being blamed for it. There are two dozen articles – and thousands of comments online – suggesting that this is a prank – and I am responsible for it. And I have to say – that’s disappointing. You play like fifty pranks and all of a sudden people don’t trust you anymore.

Which means it's looking more and more likely that Quaid just 'did a Christian Bale'. At least he didn't follow his brother, Randy Quaid, and post a video of himself fucking his wife in a Rupert Murdoch mask...

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