EGX Rezzed: The Indie Games You Need to Check Out

The tip-top indies spied by yours truly.

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Last week, the good people at EGX put on EGX Rezzed, the little brother to September's EGX gaming expo. Down at London's Tobacco Docks the most exciting people in indie gaming came together to showcase their games, see what's on offer and play some mofuddin' video games.

Complex went down to have a wander and meet the people making the more eccentric games that we'll soon see in our Steam accounts. From our time walking from game to game (we get to call it work) we picked out our favourite games to look out for, put into a handy list here, just for you.

1. Not a Hero

2. Maia

3. Knee Deep

4. Schrödinger’s Cat And The Raiders Of The Lost Quark

5. Gang Beasts

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