Kate Beckinsale Responds to Speculation About Her Weight Loss: ‘I’m Trying to Survive’

The English actress responded to an insensitive Instagram comment.

Taylor Hill / WireImage

Kate Beckinsale had to check an Instagram follower for their unwarranted comment regarding her figure.

After the actress posted a since-deleted video on Instagram filmed in the trailer of her upcoming film, Stolen Girl, one person found it necessary to give their opinion on her appearance.

"Sorry to say this Kate, but you do look a bit thin,” the individual wrote, per Page Six. “You always striked a great balance … But when your cheekbones start to show, the balance is lost … 😢 😢."

But Beckinsale, 50, didn't shy away from correcting the commenter, cathartically opening up about the stress she's recently endured.

"I nursed my [stepdad] to his death early this year. My mum also has stuff going on. I am adjusting to watching two fathers die, one when I was 5, one in January of this year," she wrote, referring to her deceased stepfather, Roy Battersby, and biological father, Richard Beckinsale.

"I lost my soulmate cat of almost 19 years, also last year,” she continued. “I spent six weeks in hospital due to copiously vomiting blood from a [Mallory-Weiss tear] caused by the stress of a whole year ripping a hole between my [esophagus] and stomach."

In addition, the Underworld star has faced some uneventful health circumstances, writing that she "experienced a severe flare of [her] mast cell disease," which was "mitigated by stress, shock and grief."

"That’s what I am prepared to disclose that has contributed to some weight loss," she added. "What you think of my appearance and how I should look, independently of any circumstances in my life and my family’s is not important.

"I am trying to survive what feel like unbearable losses, reactivated PTSD from discovering my very young father’s almost dead body as a very young child alone in the night, and working to support the family I have left."

She concluded, "The fact you fancy girls who are heavier than I am does not feature in things that are important or relevant. I don’t care what your taste in women is. I care that you think any of us need to be apprised of it … Do better."

Beckinsale shared an image from a hospital bed in March, telling People earlier this month that she's had a "rough year."

"Because my parents have both been unwell and my cat ... it's been a bunch of things," she told the outlet. "So that's why it's nice to come and see friends and have a little perspective. Everyone's had a bit of a rough year, I think."

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