Dwayne Johnson Launches Men's Personal Care Line Papatui

The line features items designated for skin, body, hair and tattoo maintenance, all for under $10.

Raymond Hall / GC Images

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson will give men a steal with items from his new personal care line, Papatui.

Available now on the brand's website, Papatui comes to Target and Target.com beginning March 10, with men-targeted products designed for skin, body, hair, and tattoo maintenance. With all items priced under $10, an enthusiastic Johnson unveiled the line via social media on March 7.

"After years of development and years of testing this product with hundreds and hundreds of guys, ladies and gentlemen, welcome to my world of Papatui men's care," he said in the clip below.

Welcome to the world of my @papatui_ men’s care🧴🧼🚿
As you guys know, I’m an advocate for wellness, grooming and men taking better care of ourselves. And while we may not always talk about it, us guys all want to look better and feel better too. 
At PAPATUI, I’ve worked… pic.twitter.com/ZZxLc11r7h

— Dwayne Johnson (@TheRock) March 7, 2024
Twitter: @TheRock

He continued, "Now what we did with Papatui, we wanted to focus on products that were hard-working, effacacious, high-quality, and, at the end of the day, it was important for me to deliver to you guys formulations that were premium. And just as important, accessible price points between eight and ten bucks."

The grooming line includes a range of products, including facial cleanser, facial toner, body wash, bar soap, body lotion, tattoo balm, and more. All items are formulated without sulfates and are vegan, while the body and hair products each feature one of three scents: Sandwood Suede, Lush Coconut, and Cedar Sport.

In an interview with People, Johnson shared that the line's inception took three years, after years of often being complimented about his clear skin and grooming habits.

"I am passionate about trying to do my best to take care of myself inside and out," he said. "Like so many of us, I had a great curiosity; I'm always experimenting — how can I improve my skincare and my grooming? And with that daily intention. I saw an opportunity here to create a product with great quality but also great accessibility in terms of cost. Let's think about the consumer and let's deliver quality at a very accessible price."

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