Amanda Bynes Addresses Face Tattoo Amid Comeback: 'It Shouldn't Matter'

On Saturday, the actress launched 'Amanda Bynes & Paul Sieminski: The Podcast.'

Gvk / GC Images

Amanda Bynes isn't holding back on her new podcast.

On the inaugural episode of Amanda Bynes & Paul Sieminski: The Podcast, where the co-hosts will tackle "fashion, artists, actors, actresses, music, and everything else," Bynes and Siminski chatted with Los Angeles tattoo artist Dahlia Moth.

The podcast also marks Bynes' return to entertainment over 15 years after starring in teen romantic comedy Easy A alongside Emma Stone. In 2013, she was placed under an eight-year conservatorship where she was diagnosed as bipolar and later placed in a mental health facility.

In 2019, Bynes got a shocking face tattoo, which she briefly discussed during her conversation with Sieminski and Moth. “Nobody cares anymore if people have face tattoos. It shouldn’t matter,” she said.

In September, TMZ reported that Bynes was getting the tattoo removed, which it appears that the former Nickelodeon star didn't complete.

Bynes first teased her podcast last month, saying, “At first we are going to interview our friends and then we’re hoping to take it mainstream and interview celebrities and artists.”

“It’s super impressive that Paul is going to be a part of it because he’s a scientist and a biochemist,” she added. “So having his beautiful mind being a part of this podcast is just going to bring it to another level I think, ’cause he’s going to ask great questions, and I think he’ll kind of carry most of the weight in terms of just, like, topics of conversation.”

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