Netflix Unveils 2022 Movie Slate With Trailer f/ Jonah Hill, Eddie Murphy, Adam Sandler, and More

Netflix has unveiled its massive gauntlet of 28 original films set to arrive this year, including movies starring Jonah Hill, Eddie Murphy, and more.

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Netflix has unveiled its massive slate of 28 films set to arrive in 2022 with a clever new trailer that teases some of its most anticipated titles.

Among the first looks featured in the clip are Knives Out 2 starring Daniel Craig, The Gray Man starring Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans, The Adam Project with Ryan Reynolds, and You People, which stars Jonah Hill, Eddie Murphy, and Lauren London. Check out their official descriptions, courtesy of Netflix, below.

We also get our first look at Adam Sandler in his basketball movie Hustle, and Jamie Foxx in his action-thriller Day Shift. 

Dave Franco and Snoop Dogg will also be appearing in Foxx’s film Day Shift.

Elsewhere in the trailer were shots from the Kevin Hart and Mark Walhberg film Me Time, End of the Road starring Queen Latifah and Ludacris, and a sci-fi thriller The Mothership starring Halle Berry.

Watch the preview—which features the stars of these films and more, breaking the fourth wall to tell audiences what they can expect in 2022—up top.

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