This Woman's Facebook Pictures Were Taken and Used in Prostitution Ads

The shit that can happen when your profile is "public."

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"Best time of your life, 100% guaranteed," is not something Dallas Miller was expecting to see next to her pictures on a website other than her Facebook page. 

The 21-year-old from Tennessee caught her pictures on, a website that's famously known to have ads for prostitutes. Miller had about a dozen of her Facebook profile photos used in prostitution ads on the website, and she says she had no knowledge that were being used that way. 

"It's been tough," Miller told WKRN. "I definitely feel victimized." took the ads off its site.

Remember, anything could happen to your pictures when your profile is "public."

"Protect your FB pics,"  Samantha John, a Trinidadian TV anchor, said. "This just goes to show that your face can end up anywhere."

[via WKRN]

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