Leo DiCaprio's Hillary Clinton Fundraiser Will Now Be Hosted by Justin Timberlake

Leonardo DiCaprio passed his duties for the Hillary Clinton fundraiser to Timberlake.

leonardo dicaprio foundation

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leonardo dicaprio foundation

Hollywood and politics have always managed by often extraordinary means to overlap. The power that comes from some of the world's biggest entertainment leaders has never gone unnoticed thanks to celebrities like Clint Eastwood (remember when he spoke to an empty chair at the Republican National Convention), Sean Penn (he interviewed an international drug lord), Leonardo DiCaprio (noted environmental activist with questionable metaphors), and more. DiCaprio in particular has never been shy about opening up about his own political views, which is why his vocal support for Democratic candidate Clinton makes sense.

While DiCaprio was well-intentioned (to the tune of $33,400 per ticket), he reportedly will no longer be able to host the upcoming fundraiser, according to Deadline. The event was supposed to take place on Aug. 23 at his home in Los Angeles, but now the attendees who paid $33,400 a plate will be whisked away to another lush location: Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel's home. Unfortunately, DiCaprio will be in New York filming, so he turned to pal Timberlake to take over for him. The Academy Award-winning actor asked the Grammy Award-winning singer and his wife to host the event instead of him, and they happily obliged. 

Timberlake's dinner for Hillary Clinton won't be the only fundraiser happening in her honor in Los Angeles—one will even take place at Magic Johnson's and Haim Saban's home in the next week.

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