Political Bro Leo DiCaprio to Host $33,400-Per-Ticket Fundraiser for Hillary Clinton

The Leo DiCaprio-hosted fundraiser for Hillary Clinton will run at nearly $34,000 per ticket.

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Environmental documentary wonk, vape pen enthusiast, and Oscar winner Leonardo DiCaprio will host a luncheon for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton when she next visits Los Angeles on Aug. 23, Variety reported on Monday.

The event is expected to run up to $33,400 per plate, and rumors abound that the event—dubbed “Conversation with Hillary”—will be at DiCaprio’s home in L.A.

Variety also reports that the first $2,700 per ticket will go directly toward Clinton’s presidential campaign, while the rest will be donated to the Democratic National Committee, as well as state and local parties.

While DiCaprio might not be a stranger to political organizing, Clinton is no stranger to Hollywood fundraisers. In April, then-Democratic hopeful Bernie Sanders slammed Clinton for the “obscene” $353,000-per-ticket fundraiser hosted by George Clooney and wife Amal Alamuddin Clooney.

“It is obscene that Secretary Clinton keeps going to big money people to fund her campaign … But it's not only this Clooney event, it is the fact that she has now raised well over $15 million from Wall Street for her super PAC and millions more from the fossil fuel industry and from the drug companies,” Sanders said at the time.

In June, DiCaprio (along with Jennifer Lopez, Sarah Jessica Parker, Martha Stewart, Vera Wang, and others) attended a Clinton fundraiser at the New York City home of Hollywood heavyweight Harvey Weinstein.


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