All of This Dude's Apple Products Took a Bath Because He Was Caught Cheating

An expensive mistake.

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If morality doesn't stop you from cheating on your significant other, fear of them publicly shaming you should. Social media is the perfect medium for a jilted lover to get their revenge and call you out in front of everyone. To make things even worse, this dude caught cheating lost all of his Apple products as well. 

A Japanese Twitter user with the handle @foolishnessfly2 caught her boyfriend cheating and took vengeance upon his gadgets. She dumped all of his Apple products in a bath and posted proof for all of the Internet to see. The post has since racked up more than 16,000 retweets and 10,000 favorites. 

Now homeboy is single and has a shit ton of electronics to replace. 

[via Daily Dot]


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