Russell Brand Says He's "Probably" Done Acting

Russell Brand said he's uninterested in making money and is "probably" done acting.

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Russell Brand and the Financial Times. It's a match made in a mad scientist's laboratory, leading to an interview in which Brand mostly quibbles with his interviewer. But between the fundamental disagreements between a financial writer and a celebrity anarchist one interesting nugget emerged: Russell Brand is probably retiring from acting

Lucy Kellaway points out that Brand is criticizing capitalism while wearing an expensive necklace and after being chauffeured to the interview, which leads to the following exchange: 

"I'm not interested in making money anymore."

But doesn't that mean there will be no more acting, no more Hollywood?

Brand pauses. "It probably does mean that, yes," he says, hesitantly, as if making up policy on the hoof. But he's not going to quit comedy, he says, because he loves performing. When I ask how lucrative it is, he shrugs. 

"It makes me scared if I think about money too much, then it makes me feel guilty. The only thing I tell the people who look after my money is, 'Make sure my fucking taxes are 100 percent legitimately paid,' and then I do my own shit."

Unfortunately, because there's more arguing to do, the interviewer doesn't follow up on him saying he's done acting. He's currently slated to appear in Vernon God Little, so it would appear he's not quite done with the craft yet. Either way, Brand doesn't seem to have any intentions of retreating from the public eye. There might just be one less screen you can see him on. 



[via Gawker]

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