Exclusive: LEGO to Release 'Star Wars' Dagobah Set at San Diego Comic-Con

The home of Yoda after his exile.

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While Star Wars fans await any bit of The Force Awakens news from San Diego Comic-Con 2015, LEGO has announced a return to the franchise's roots. The toy company will release a 177-piece Dagobah set exclusively at Comic-Con as a recreation of one of the most iconic scenes from The Empire Strikes Back. The Outer Rim planet was home to Yoda after his exile and served as the training grounds for Luke Skywalker. Both Skywalker's X-wing and Yoda's hut are a part of the set. 

To purchase the set fans must pick up a ticket at the Pavilion Terrace. Those who win will then be able to purchase the Dagobah set for $39.99 at the LEGO booth in Hall D, booth #2829. 

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