The Koch Brothers Tried to Register a Cat to Vote

The Koch Brothers' political group Americans for Prosperity registered a cat to vote.

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If you have even the most basic understanding of politics, you should know that voter fraud is not a thing. It's even more rare than Lil B and lightning strikes. But the Koch Brothers, champions of the rampant issue of voter fraud, have been busted for one of their political groups trying to register a cat to vote. 

Americans for Prosperity recently sent in a grip of voter registration forms, including one for a feline. According to the Raleigh News and Observer, "One resident even received a voter registration form addressed to her cat." At the very best it's an error, and at the very worst it's exactly what the Koch brothers have been fighting against. 

To borrow a phrase from our boy Shea Serrano, that's a little thing called being a hypocrite. Oh, and actual, non-mythical voter fraud. 



[via Fortress America​]

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