How to Succeed in Business, by Kim Kardashian

Three tips to get you ahead.

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Kim Kardashian has followed up her inclusion in Time's 100 Most Influential People list with Variety honoring her at its Power of Women luncheon. The magazine acknowledged her contributions to Children’s Hospital Los Angeles and spoke with her before the luncheon.

In her interview Kim said she doesn't really identify as a feminist or role model, but she did admit she's pretty dope at business. When she was younger she bought up five pairs of Manolo Blahnik shoes that were in a Jennifer Lopez video for $700 each. Then she flipped them on eBay for $2,500 a piece. Last year the stakes were slightly higher, with her earning $28 million.

So you should probably listen up to her three tips to be successful in business:

"Number one, you have to be organized. It might be really simple, but if you’re not fully organized, it becomes a huge problem. Number two is not being lazy. The realty is people don’t want to get up and work. It sounds crazy, but I see it all the time. And finally, if you find something really passionate about, you figure out a way to make that your job. Then you’ll be happy. If you aren’t doing what you want to do, you’ll be frustrated."

She forgot one tip, though: have a rich, white dad. 

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