Jackie Chan's Son Will Spend Six Months in Jail for Smoking Weed

China doesn't play around.

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The moral crusade is real in China. After being busted in August for smoking weed at a foot massage parlor (a totally normal place to get high), Jackie Chan's son Jaycee was sentenced to six months in jail. Ironically, Jackie was named Beijing's anti-drug ambassador in 2009. 

For the past year China has been issuing harsh sentences against celebrities caught using drugs or visiting prostitutes. "Tainted" stars are also banned from appearing on TV or other outlets. 

Jaycee made a disproportionately remorseful statement at the sentencing. 

"I have violated the law and I should be punished. After I return to the society, I will definitely not make a mistake again because I have made my family and friends disappointed for one more time. I have gotten the punished I deserve but it doesn’t mean I have been forgiven. I hope I can use my actions in the future to get the forgiveness and to pass positive energy."

You know what's a great way to pass positive energy? Sharing a joint. 


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