Every Cartoon Is Better With Ice T's Voice

The rapper re-voiced cartoons on Jimmy Fallon.

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Last night Jimmy Fallon re-imagined several children's cartoons with Ice T's voice, making us realize how much our cartoons were lacking. It's not only that Ice T's voice is superior (it is); the rapper/actor also injected some much needed common sense. "Any of you motherfuckers seen crocodile lake?" he asked as Dora the Explorer. "Oh yeah, no shit, it's the lake filled with crocodiles." 

In another great segment Ice T sounded off on random topics given by Fallon. He called 50 Shades of Grey "boring" and "nothing" before dropping a line that will probably end up on a t-shirt: "One shade of black: that's all you need." Watch the video below to find out his thoughts on the Winter Olympics and Chris Christie. 


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