Donald Trump Has Something Dumb to Say About the Female "Ghostbusters"

He's also mad about "Indiana Jones."

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Donald Trump doesn't know what's going on. Yesterday the businessman/failed politician/replenishing source of bullshit took to Instagram to voice his displeasure about the all-female cast of Ghostbusters. For good measure he also complained about Chris Pratt possibly taking Indiana Jones' hat from Harrison Ford. 

Well, Donald, we'll tell you what's going on. That was a bit of an open-ended question, so we'll give you a few answers. 

  • Women are now compelling in movie roles that don't involve them pining over men. Isn't that weird? 

  • Your beloved, original Ghostbusters still exists as is, and you can watch it as many times as you want if you're dissatisfied with the new one that fights the patriarchy, as well as ghosts. Here's a place you can buy it for, like, $1 used. 

  • The Indiana Jones series has moved on from Ford. If that's too confusing for you to understand, we'll give you a simile. It's sort of like how America moved on from taking you seriously before I was born.

If you have any more questions we're here for you. 


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