After months of rumors and positing, the cast of the upcoming all-female Ghostbusters movie is apparently starting to take shape. And the group of actresses that are reportedly set to sign onto Paul Feig​'s (Bridesmaids) reboot is STACKED (and very SNL-heavy.)

Kristen Wiig​, Melissa McCarthyKate McKinnon, and Leslie Jones are in talks to star in the movie, according to Variety. And in a sort of confirmation, Feig himself tweeted a photo—seen above—of the four ladies.

But that's not all. Sources say Cecily Strong, also a cast member from Saturday Night Live like McKinnon and Jones, is likely to play a government official in the movie. As for Emma Stone, who had reportedly also been in talks with Sony, no word on her yet. She may be taking time off to trip more actresses with her dresses.

Is there actually a chance that this Ghostbusters reboot could be good? Somehow, yes, thanks entirely to the way this cast is starting to look.

UPDATE: Paul Feig also hit up Twitter to reveal that the Ghostbusters reboot would be dropping on June 22, 2016. Mark your calendars.


[via Variety]