Adam Levine Viciously Attacked With a Face Full of Sugar

He was unharmed but unhappy.

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Adam Levine narrowly escaped a harrowing attempt on his life Wednesday while leaving Jimmy Kimmel Live! The singer was signing autographs for the strange people who like his music and The Voice when another strange but brilliant soul unloaded a bag of sugar onto his face.


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After being turned into a human funnel cake, Levine backed away from the crowd and looked like he was ready to fight his assailant. But instead he slunk away and began to regret every decision in his life that led him to that low point. He never should have sang, never should have started a band, never should have coached a reality singing competition, and never should have visited Jimmy Kimmel

That's a stare of a man with many regrets. 

Police arrested the man on suspicion of battery, CNN reports. No word on if he was caught with any other baking supplies. 


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