Tech Essentials: Rich Homie Quan

ATL's rising rapper on the gizmo he can't live without.

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In our new installment, Tech Essentials, we ask celebrities to tell us about the one gadget they can't live without. Here Atlanta rapper Rich Homie Quan discusses his iPhone and why having a Playstation is a must.

What's the most essential, everyday gadget in your life?

My favorite gadget? My phone. Without that I'm lost. But then again, another gadget besides my phone—I'm pretty sure everybody says their phone is their favorite gadget—I like the Playstation. I'm a game head, a game freak. Even when we on the road, or not flying, we in the car betting on games, you know what I'm saying? I still do stuff like a little kid. I just bought a four-wheeler. I rode it for the first time, fell off the first time, and haven't been on it since. —As told to Heather Haynes

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