Will Smith Thanks Bad Bunny for His New Meditation Mantra

In BTS footage of Will Smith, Marc Anthony and Bad Bunny's track "Esta Rico," it's clear that Smith learned quite a lot from his fellow collaborators.

will smith bad bunny

Image via Getty/Al Bello

will smith bad bunny

Will Smith joined Marc Anthony and Bad Bunny on the trio's bilingual track "Esta Rico." In Smith's first single in over a decade, the actor and rapper served an English verse before the transition into Anthony's rich chorus. In their first collaboration, the trio landed on the No. 7 spot on the Hot Latin Songs chart and collected more than 26 million views on YouTube. 

Apparently, Smith learned a lot from his costars, and not just how to stunt a gold metallic blazer. The Fresh Prince gave Bad Bunny a shout out on Instagram for also providing him with his newest meditation mantra. 

In a hilariously compiled video montage, Smith features some of the BTS on the set of the "Esta Rico" music video. The clip begins with some playful interaction between the three artists and quickly spirals into footage of Smith endlessly repeating Bad Bunny's adlib: "Bad Bunny ba ba ba". After a handful of sporadic Bad Bunnies, the clip ends with Smith cross-legged on a beach meditating while an ominous voice slowly repeats "Bad Bunny ba ba ba" in the background. Smith uploaded the video to his Instagram with the caption "Thanx, @badbunnypr for my New Mantra!"

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