Millie Bobby Brown Impersonates Amy Winehouse and Jon Snow, Does Karaoke on ‘Fallon’

The 'Stranger Things' star showcased her impersonation skills as well as her knack for karaoke on 'The Tonight Show.'

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During her appearance on The Tonight Show, Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown showcased her impersonation skills and her knack for karaoke.

While discussing her admiration for the late Amy Winehouse, the actress performed the singer's hit "Valerie," and effortlessly channeled the unique vocal range for which Winehouse was known. Jimmy Fallon even showed a video of Brown performing the same song as a 5-year-old. 

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Brown also impersonated Game of Thrones character Jon Snow while telling Fallon of the time she adopted two tortoises. The 15-year-old named her pets David and Becky, but she refers to them in Snow's distinctly "Northern English accent." 

"You know Jon Snow from Game of Thrones?" Brown asks Fallon at the 2:55 mark. "He has that Northern English accent, he's like Jon Sn-uh." 

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The highlight of Brown's Tonight Show appearance was surely her performance in the round of Beat Battle she played against Fallon. During the segment, the Roots play random beats for the host and guest to rap or sing over, each taking turns as they quickly choose and perform popular songs for the audience. The first person who fails to think of a song loses. 

Going head-to-head with Fallon, Brown showcased a breadth of knowledge on various genres of music. The actress delivered covers of mostly female artists, ranging from Carly Rae Jepsen's "Call Me Maybe" to Lizzo's "Juice." 

Brown's talents and passions go beyond the world of TV. In 2018, Brown was named UNICEF's youngest Goodwill Ambassador for the work she's done with anti-bullying campaigns. In her May digital cover for Glamour UKBrown explained that her support for the cause stems from her personal experience as a victim of bullying. 

"I was bullied at school back in England. I actually switched schools because of it, it created a lot of anxiety and issues that I still deal with today," she told the publication. "I have dealt with situations both in real life and online that are soul-breaking and it genuinely hurts reading some of the things people have said. Being in this industry we have become so aware of negativity and it’s made me appreciate the love so much more. People receive so much love on social media and then only focus on the hate."

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